The Call Of God


In the midnight/early morning vision a very big angel appeared above his head and as he watched the scene with eyes fixed on the cloud of heaven, the angel hovered around him three times and was covered by the clouds.

simultaneously the Lord Jesus Himself appeared in a slightly bigger shape like the angel with His purple sash and stood still in the open cloud, with His right hand stretched full length, and palm wide open, indicating “follow me” without a word spoken, and was also covered by the clouds.

He stood in that cloud for a while to catch his attention and he did, calling the name of Jesus in amazement with a small voice, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus until Jesus was covered by the clouds. He woke up, was really perplexed, and began to think about what this could be; his mind never thought of being called as he was busy with the world.

This was in Lagos Nigeria, and he traveled to his village and told only his Father. An ignorant young man (sinner), there was no spiritual mentor and neither he nor his Dad could put together the Puzzle of a clear vision.


He went to the UK for a “better life”


Only after three years, he became mysteriously ill with all kinds of symptoms; no hospital could diagnose and so no real treatment. He lost weight and was relieved from his job following medical advice as employers were fearful that something drastic might happen while at factory work.


Still unwell, he ran into a church, gave his life to Jesus, and became born again. During this time the Lord visited him in a second vision with a clear audible voice (without His image), saying to Chris, “This is God calling you” three times and went on to say “This is not the voice of Man; if the blind who cannot see or read do believe, what about you”. Immediately a bible was placed in his hands and a crowd presented to him in the vision and was instructed to preach His word to the people. He woke up and understood that this was God calling him out of the world to serve him.

Many other visitations and dreams followed one after another. Then he recalled that while he grew up as a child, he had wanted to join the priestly course in the Catholic Christian denomination to serve God, but events beyond his control played him out of that desire. The result was staying away from God and living a normal life like everyone not really in Christ. Once in a while, he attended church service but nothing spiritually actually connected – just the formal routine of a religious person deceiving himself and living in sin.

While the ill health; lasted, the Lord surrounded him with some good believers that supported him with prayer as the healing was gradual, they encouraged him to join them for his first-ever three-day fast and prayers. It was a terrible time for him, being lonely at the time. He calls it loving chastisement. And has never for one second turned back to the world.

In middle 1997

Led by the Holy Spirit he moved from his first church to the Church of Pentecost (COP) UK) after his wife had joined him from Nigeria. With the visions, voice, and instruction the calling was now clear and stamped in his memory, he became a lay preacher all over the streets of London, UK six months after he gave his life to Jesus Christ without yet being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

He said his foundation was based on the scripture he read in Matthew 28: 18 – 20. He was no longer afraid of challenges, and police harassment through people’s complaints that his street preaching was disturbing their ears. He was passionate about souls and still is till today. He was only moved by, “… I am with you always even unto the end of the world”. Matthew 18: 20. They were very few of us on the frontline for Jesus then; he remembers Brother Mark from Ireland and they encouraged each other whenever they met on the street preaching. They braced up for occasional physical attacks by angry sinners who hated to hear the Gospel of the love of Christ for everyone on earth 2 Corr. 4: 3 – 4. On some occasions, banners and preaching bags were stolen while he preached. Bus stops and open market spaces were his public and after about four years he began to see other people coming out gradually to witness to the lost; he was asking Jesus, “Where are the believers to witness Christ to people”? He said he was always feeling the pain of imagining humans going to hell after they die due to sin. Lack of understanding and unrepentant from sin


While he went on one day of prayer and fasting, he discovered that he was now totally and completely healed by the Lord without the help of doctors. He never knew what the sickness was to date; he was joyful and thanked the Lord.


With some other brethren he was ordained Elder in COP. Noteworthy that between 1995 when he first gave his heart to Christ Jesus and 2004 when he was separated from COP, UK; he served the Lord in COP, in various capacities obeying instructions to the letter – Choir member, then Asst. Choir leader, Local, and District witness leader contributed to various church planting outreaches, assigned to teaching/preaching the word of life in assemblies and local church groups, etc.

He was groomed by the Holy Ghost for the work of the Kingdom and ministry. When he wanted to go to formal bible school and asked the Lord, the answer was “Stay at home and keep studying the bible while serving me in the church and continue preaching in the streets and leave your job completely; I have not called you to fulfill your ministry in COP, when the time comes I will speak to you, and separate you from. the COP. I will supply your needs and you will not lack” He kept all instructions to heart and never shared it with anyone.

He obeyed the instruction and resigned from full-time work in 2003, and was at home for three years studying the scripture and being taught by the Holy Ghost. He never got back to secular work for seven years (2003 – 2010) to the start of his ministry. The Lord supplied His ‘Manna’ and Pastor Chris said it was a tough and thorough training period that took his heart off material things to date. He is happy about it with his family. The Lord is faithful, he says 1 Thess 5: 24.


January, he moved to another ministry having been separated from the previous ministry, and formally released in December 2004 by the instruction of the Lord, by the COP.


With his wife, they were ordained full-time ministers of the gospel of our Lord and released to start what God has called him to do. He was happy that all his movements were ordered by the Master, Psalm 37: 23. He gives glory to God. All this while the Lord had given him the name of his ministry and he kept it confidential until the appointed time of registering it.


The Master instructed him to inaugurate GOGFAN on the 27th of March 2010.
His spiritual watchword as a Man of God for the ministry is HOLINESS, MAKING DISCIPLES, AND EFFECTUAL PRAYERS.