Tonsillitis, healed (Dangerous sickness of the throat)

With serious pain and difficulty swallowing, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. I was given prescriptions and told to come for a check-up and if nothing subsides; then an operation will be done on my throat. As a mother of two, I was terrified and we began to pray, but it got worse. We were charged a good amount of money that we cannot afford. So we remembered the man of God, Pastor Chris Ekechi (we call him Papa since he came to Pakistan and we saw and knew what God used him to do). He told us that he will call us on Wednesday that week and we waited but the call did not come through. Then on Friday at 10 pm Pakistan time, he called and apologized for keeping us in suspense as he went to service in London and could not call the time he gave us. Then he told my husband and my brother-in-law to hold me in agreement. He gave me scriptures to read in Urdu language and asked me if I believe that Jesus will heal me if he prayed and I said: “yes I believe”. Then he prayed and I felt something like fire or warmth and light run through my body. When he finished praying, he said I was healed and that when I woke up the sickness will be gone. Glory be to Jesus Christ; I was totally healed, my throat restored to function normally and perfectly, and no pain, and sickness is gone forever. Thank you, Lord, and we love you, Papa.


Blood shortage, restored

From Pakistan I called for prayers for my newly wedded wife who was pregnant. She was due for delivery of our first child in a couple of weeks and the doctors diagnosed “shortage of blood”. Something has to be done. So I called Papa, and he advised first to give her more vegetables and fish diets. A week after and there was no change from medical reports. But one night the Man of God called while we were asleep already at 10 pm Pakistan time and we missed the call. Somehow I got woken up at 2 am midnight and my wife too. Then I saw the missed call and flashed him. Pastor Chris confirmed that he called to pray for my wife for God to restore her blood perfectly so she can deliver safely. He told me to stop my phone so he can call me back. He called and gave my wife a couple of scriptures to read and told us to believe the Word of God for her miracle. Then he prayed and told us good night. Praise God, at the next check-up my wife’s blood and sugar, were excellently normal. Jesus answered the prayers to the glory of his name. Our joy was full. Thank you, Jesus. We called him and told him what good news it was and he thanked God and laughed with joy praising God.


Lung Cancer, healed

My mother and sister both died of this demon called cancer. Suddenly I was diagnosed with the same devastating news just a year before I called this man of God Pastor Chris Ekechi for prayers via OLIVE TV. I have followed his preaching and each time my soul was blessed. I do watch other pastors but never called for any TV prayers, I did not know why. I was so low and demoralized as you can understand; I have been stopped from my teaching work and the pain was eating me up – lung cancer and the swelling as well. To see what is killing you and be helpless and hopeless is the worst life experience. The hospital had followed me up and I was billed for “chemo” two weeks ahead when I heard in my spirit to call this particular man of God for the first time. He is focused on the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris answered the phone after the broadcast and told me he was driving home but promised to call me when he gets home. He called and asked me some questions, then prepared my faith with the scriptures to receive healing from Jesus. Then he told me when he will pray with me that evening, which was the next day after the broadcast. He prayed with compassion from the depth of his heart; only five minutes into his prayers and I started vomiting all cancer right in my house; he will pause and pray again and I will vomit again and again. He prayed finally and told me to believe, that Jesus had healed me. For the first time, I slept like a newborn baby that night, pain-free and cough-free and I woke up very late; without hearing my usual alarm that day, I was speechless at the peace that came over me – from death back to life. I knew that Jesus had healed me through this Man of God prayer. He called me to find out how I was and I broke the good news of my healing to him. Then he told me to continue to live a holy life and also forgive people. But I had a dream also which he explained to me; that the dream explained the root of cancer in my family. However, he said that the covenant of death by cancer is now broken in my life by the new covenant of the blood of Jesus. Jesus is wonderful, I am free from cancer. Thank you Father and I cannot wait to go back to work. I am so happy, my beauty restored. I text him now and then and he replies with scriptures all the time. I call him daddy and he addresses me as the daughter of Jesus or daughter of Zion. I am planning to visit his ministry to give testimony. Glory to God, and may the Father God bless Pastor Chris Ekechi.

from London

Demon possessed for years, set free

I suffered for years with demon possession. One day in my house I saw a figure like a human being and I was afraid. So I said, “Who are you, you come again?” And this demon quickly entered inside of me. From That day I became possessed, but not mad. In the morning it looks OK but at night I will suffer till daybreak. I told my pastor of my church; instead of my church helping me, they called me a witch and accused me of all the earthly problems my children were facing. I was so demoralized and do not know where to turn because I did not know much about places. So I stopped going to church. One day I tuned OLIVE TV and saw Pastor Chris preaching a good message. I liked the message so much, but only about Jesus. So I called the church number and I forgot his name and was calling another name. He gently told me that he is not the person, but asked what I want God to do for me. This demon will be making a loud noise every night when I slept in my eyes; so noisy that some can hear it and I will be sleepless. I was frustrated and prayed all I can but nothing happened. He told me that the demon must go that day if he pray for me in the Name of Jesus. So he prayed very powerfully and commanded the demon to go. Instantly I was delivered in my house. I do not know what to do for this pastor Chris. I am free and very happy. Oh Jesus, thank you. I called him and did not want to leave the phone, wonderful man of God. He told me to go back to my church and give testimony because I did not want to go because they called me a witch. He said that I should forgive them and do not say a bad word. May God bless this Pastor.

Mama Viv,
Milton Keynes

Cancer of the Toe, healed

I have suffered from cancer of the toes for years and the agony was terrible. On the .. I tuned in to OLIVE TV from Africa and saw Pastor Chris preaching a powerful message that caught my attention. As I realized that he was doing healing ministration with one other pastor, I text him very late to pray for me. Suddenly I got his call the next day from the UK. He asked me about my health problem and prayed for me. As I slept and woke up, cancer dried on the surface but the pain remained. Suddenly again Pastor Chris called me to find out how I was. I told him that I was in terrible pain but cancer dried a bit. Then he asked if I have olive oil and I said yes. He told me to put a little on cancer and he prayed again. Glory be to Jesus, I was instantly delivered from the evil spirit of cancer and death. I am cleared of any trace of it. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. I began to call him several times to tell him but I did not get him; until he called and I told him. I and my wife were born again for s. My wife was jumping with great joy. So I told him to please come to Mali for our people to be blessed. I still call him from time to time and we have become friends. I and my family don’t want to miss his TV broadcast every Friday from 12 noon to 1 pm UK time. May God bless him richly Amen.

Mr. Lupia,
Mali Africa

Healed from HIV / AIDS

My name is Lazare. I was infected with this deadly infirmity and I was moving around with a certificate of death from the devil for four years. One Friday evening I saw Pastor Chris on OLIVE TV Channel preaching and praying against diseases in the Name of Jesus. I text his phone to pray for me; He called me and prayed for me and told me that I was healed. He instructed me not to take my medication anymore and go for medical tests after a week. Truly from that moment, I started feeling very hungry and eating more unlike before the prayer. He gave me scriptures to use and start thanking Jesus Christ for healing me. I have been to the tests and they gave me a good report from Jesus Christ – HIV/AIDS free, negative in all reports. Another day he called to say hello to me and I told him that my blood is low. He told me not to worry but that I should eat more veg; then he told the wife to pray for me. After the prayer by his wife (Mama), my blood is also now fully restored from low to normal. I came from the Republic of Ireland to London to give my testimony as I promised God; openly in the presence of the congregation in GOGFAN Church on the 28th of June 2015, during the GOGFAN Church Family Event 2015. I am so happy, please rejoice with me. John 10: 10. May God bless your ministry. Thank you, Jesus, for the Son of God.

Mr. Laz
Republic of Ireland

Jesus gave me a new heart

My name is Veronica. I am just one week in this ministry today 12/07/15 as I am giving this testimony. I came here with severe heart failure but now I am healed. After last Sunday’s Holy Communion, I received a new heart from God. After the Holy Communion, Pastor Chris told me that I just received a new heart. Since then, I do not have pain anymore. My heart is now at peace. I saw the Pastor preaching on TV and I called. The wife prayed for me on phone last Friday and the pain stopped, and the heart pain gradually went. She encouraged me to come to church for her husband (Pastor) to pray for me. I came on Sunday and was healed instantly. The pain used to be very severe because I was taken to the hospital by ambulance several times in June 2015. I was not able to sleep at night. Now I can sleep like a baby and my body is now relaxed without any pain.
I thank God for my new heart and healing in Jesus’ Name. I also thank God for this wonderful ministry (GOGFAN Church) where God is doing wonderful miracles without stress 3John 2 May God bless you, your family, and your ministry Amen.

from London

Jesus Cares a lot.

It was a care and miracle of open doors only Jesus can do. My son who we expected to be cared for by social services was neglected for the past for years up until this January 2011. Today they have taken over the cost of his care 24 hours. Any parent in this situation will understand what miracle that is. Relation 3; 7 says when Jesus opens no man shuts. I believe his time for total healing has come because Jesus has promised to visit and deliver him from this affliction. Praises be to our God.

Sis Olly
January 2011

Severe pain was gone.

For 8 agonising months, I suffered internal abdominal and lower back pain. I did not shout about it but it was awful. Thank God I attended GOGFAN 31st Dec 2010 New Year and Thanksgiving service. We were led to worship and prayers by the pastor; followed by the Holy Communion. I went home joyful and continued my prayers thanking God for my healing. Then I felt something moving exactly where the pain was. I felt like someone undergoing massage. It was marvellous to realise that almost immediately I had been miraculously healed. Only Jesus can do such good things when we trust him. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen. In addition, the theme of the year is OPEN DOORS. As I was declaring my healing testimony someone dear to me paid for my flight to travel abroad as soon as he got the hint without my request. It was another miracle. January 2011

Maa Jay.

Deliverance from a demonic attack, Open doors

I was a catholic and lived with a friend when Pastor (Mrs) visited and preached to her friend and us around about the benefits we have in Jesus Christ. She prayed against sickness and I witnessed instant healing to those prayed for. I was moved to ask and visit the church. I never met her or the husband-servant of God before.
Meanwhile, 7 months earlier I was in a dream and someone was casting a witchcraft spell on me and my mother while I challenged the person. And a man appeared in that dream and confronted the same person casting spell on us; the man in the dream prayed for me and I woke up. I did not understand it but it remained in my memory. From that night I had serious migraine and pain and nothing seemed to work out for me. I knew something had gone wrong.
I visited the church and as soon as I entered the Tuesday prayer meeting in GOGFAN Church my head was as if it will crack. With two hands I held tightly to my head and was shaking without anybody touching me yet. Then the servant of God laid hands on me and prayed to say the same exact words used by the person who prayed for me in that dream. I shook the more. When he ended his prayers, he led me to receive Christ as my personal Lord and saviour., I was completely healed and delivered.
Within a week I got a job he prayed for me about on the phone. Now I know that God sent the wife where I was because of his love for me, and the pastor was appointed for my deliverance in the name of Jesus as I now understand my dream. Jesus is truly wonderful. Please come to Jesus and go away from sin. He is so real. He loves you too. Praise God. Thank you, Jesus. Jan 2010

Sis Winn

Cycle restored

Wrongly advised I took medication after childbirth and my monthly cycle ceased for six months without any sign. I was worried but started praying. I felt uncomfortable pain in addition from time to time. Meanwhile, my belly gloated noticeably and the man of God noticed; he told our mummy in the Lord that something was not right with my belly but waited for me to come forward personally. I approached him by the leading of the Holy Spirit; and he instructed me for the first time to do 3 days of fasting; gave me scriptures and prayed with me. Today Jesus has restored me fully. Glory to God. Feb 2010

Sis Cee (Mrs)

That issue of blood healed.

The detail of the affliction was shameful. I never disclosed this problem to anyone; not even the friend that took me to GOGFAN. I did not tell the pastor, nor did I request prayer. It was their Tuesday prayer meeting. He called me out and prayed for me. Immediately my embarrassing affliction ceased. Jesus had healed me with that prayer of the lay of hands by the pastor. I was overjoyed. Dec 2010

Sis Zaa

UK residency permit

After 11 years of waiting with no single response from the Home office; I visited GOGFAN with a friend. The servant of God called me out and prayed for a favour in my life. Two weeks later my residency permit was delivered by post to the door. My joy could not be matched. Also, a swelling affliction on my right hand disappeared instantly. Thank God. Aug 2010

Sis Jy

Mysterious illness gone

I did not know this servant of God. A sister brought him to the hospital where I lay with severe internal and body pain, itching etc. Blood tests carried out came to nothing. No diagnosis no specific treatment from the doctors. He prayed a simple prayer in the name of Jesus and assured me. I was discharged with symptoms continued. I held to the prayer assurance. I was and still am totally and completely healed from the mysterious illness as the servant of God called it. Jesus is Lord. Nov 2010

Sis Claud

Heart condition healed

One step into GOGFAN Sunday service I was visited by Jesus Christ. The anointing present during worship healed my heart condition – heart abnormality with deep pain and lack of strength. The next Sunday it was only sealed by prayer by the servant of God. Doctors are still amazed. I am totally and permanently healed. Thank you Lord. Dec 2010

Maa Ell

Yes! You too can

I was proposed to within a year and now married according to the prophesy of the servant of God. Thank you, Jesus Christ for breaking the curse. Your people perish for lack of knowledge indeed. July 2010

Sis Dor (Mrs)

Blood restored

Curse broken; got married against devil’s wish. All attacks on pregnancy failed. When childbirth was delayed and no sign of contraction doctors pronounced they were considering operation the next time I would visit. I told the servant of God and he cancelled their judgement and called me for prayers. Jesus Christ our Lord honoured his faith. After prayers by God’s servant a quick contraction started and I was taken to the hospital. Baby Kharis was born within minutes.

Jesus completed the miracle by restoring my blood count that dropped below expectations. The medical team pressurised me to agree to blood transfusion. I held on to my faith in Christ with his servant. He ministered prayers to me in hospital and after discharge. Subsequent test revealed my blood count was restored, better and perfect than it was before childbirth. Blessed be the name of the Lord. October 2010

Sis Jeey (MRS)

Operation not my portion

Doctors pronounced child delivery by operation due to lack of contraction after bust of water. God’s servant was called and after prayers Jesus said YES to natural child birth. Baby Lydia was born safe and sound without operation. Thank You Lord. March 2010

Sis Ca. (Mrs)

No more miscarriage

Yoke of miscarriage broken! And after 5 years of waiting and prayers baby Sarah was born 12/09.
She was dedicated 2010. Thank you, Jesus.

Sis. Sal (Mrs)