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The righteous shall flourish like palm tree Psalm 92: 12 – 14


Bye-bye Covid

Again l ‘m thanking the Lord for His mercy and compassion towards my daughter.

In December 2021 she planned travelling out of UK to celebrate the Christmas with the family.. Unexpectedly she started coughing and decided to do covid -19 test and the results was positive.

She was in pain all over her body with all other related covid symptoms and was told to self-isolate herself for ten days. I told our church Pastor and he called and prayed for her over the phone. He told her that she will sleep like a baby after the prayers and that whenever she woke up, she would be healed. She did for hours after and woke up totally relieved. Within two days after, she was on her heels again, energetic and healed. Jesus has done it again. We thank God and give Him all the glory and praise He deserves.. Amen


Jesus came and healed me

I give this testimony to appreciate God Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world, and the Blessed Holy Spirit for His loving kindness, and for His compassion, and mercy towards me.

In November 2020 l tested positive for Covid it was so severe but hearing that most Covid patients in hospital admission died,, l decided not to go to hospital.. I quarantined at home with my daughter and her doctor friends caring for me.

I had all the severe Covid symptoms of persistent coughing, breathing difficulties, bodily pain, loss of appetite and no sleep. The situation seemed hopeless and I eventually called in the paramedics and they suggested that I continued with home treatment and report any changes, objecting to going to hospital. I informed my church members and our Pastor and they backed me up with prayers in the Name of Jesus.

On that night at about 2300hrs the Pastor called to pray with me. Soon as he mentioned LORD JESUS, I didn’t hear his voice again. Instead l saw the Master Jesus Christ Himself standing in front of me. Then I said “Father Lord, I know this sickness is bringing me home but lam suffering please heal me“. He smiled and stretched His hands towards me. I realised it was a visit from the Lord. Simultaneously I did not see Him again but slept off. I woke up at 3AM and realised that I was completely healed. Jesus came in to heal me, Haleluyah and Glory to God. Amen. indeed Jesus saves, he heals. Thank You Lord


Car accident prevented by the Lord

I thank God for what He has done for my family and I throughout this year, for keeping us alive and shielding us from COVID. I appreciate Him for all He has done for me. I want to thank Him for guiding us when we go out and come back home, and ensuring our safety.

This month He prevented me from hitting someone with my car when they crossed the road when the traffic light was green for me to go. They appeared out of nowhere and God prevented me from hitting this person. I still don’t know how He did it, it was a miracle.

I know that His hand will remain upon us in 2022 and we will have endless testimonies to give of His goodness; I thank Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Psalm 121.

Sister Sia Belloh

The Pain is over

I have been experiencing heavy pain every month for years. During one of our church (GOGFAN) Sunday Holy Communion Power Service & Prayer; I was healed by God’s Grace. I no longer experience the pain that I went through? Glory be to Jesus for healing me!!!!

London, UK

Celebration of life

I am very glad and give our Lord and Saviour; our healer and protection all the glory. I have celebrated many more years and will continue to celebrate against the devil’s plan. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and the doctors gave me three months to live.. The Lord cancelled the report of the doctors and healed me completely through Prayers and I gave my life to Him and become born again. The celebration of my birthday in September this year was to give God glory and SHAME the devil…Thank you Jesus for satisfying me with long live and shown me your salvation PSALM 91: 16.

Sis Margret
London, UK

Heart ProbleAvim healed by Christ

In the year 2014, I was having a very serious heart problem that I could not walk from my house to the bus stop. Then my GP referred me to King’s College Hospital. I was operated upon and implanted a machine called Pacemaker. I was placed on regular Hospital appointments. I suffered this for good 7 years no head way .In October 2021 Pastor Chris came to my house and prayed for me. As he was praying, I was having the impact on my body immediately and I was shouting, I am healed, I am healed and he intensified his prayers and lead his hand on my chest and concluded his prayers, I was totally healed. The 3rd day was my Hospital appointment at Kings College Hospital for my test. When I got to the hospital that day, I was tested and they did not find anything wrong with my heart. They were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe or explain what they saw. They did a second test to be very sure the first one was correct and it was correct. But then instead of discharging me they gave me one year Hospital appointment. People have been praying for me before PASTOR CHRIS came in, but no healing took place. Pastor Chris bowed down his head to the floor of my room and worshiped and thanked God and His Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and gave all glory to God, then prayed.. What I am trying to say here is that the Bible made us to understand that can use anyone, but the prayers of a righteous man avails much. My health and energy is back. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Mr Mike
London, UK

Double Blessings

Firstly, I want to thank God for his healing power on me. I was down with illness that took one month, Jesus touched me and make me whole. During the ill-health I was tested for Covid-19 and nothing was found, it was negative.
Secondly, I was highly blessed and favoured. When I put in my papers as instructed by God three years ago, I followed the LORD’s instructions and subsequently the UK Home Office gave me a fee waiver and my Biometrics was done to give me my permanent residency permit. When Jesus opens a door, no man can shut it; God has settled me. and I praised his Holy name.

London, UK

Excellent GCSE Result

I would like to thank God for giving me excellent GCSE results at the end of year 11. I joined GOGFAN 4 years ago and have found that my spiritual life has grown so much since then. GOGFAN taught me how to pray to God in a patient and appropriate manner, and how to strengthen my relationship with Him. Through this I was able to put my trust in God, and I was confident that He would give me the wisdom to get the best results at the end of secondary school. Throughout my time at secondary school, through prayer, I was able to achieve the top results in my year group during exams. I also achieved the top results in my GCSEs (with 11 grade 9s). I thank Jesus for what He’s done for me.

London UK

Delivered and healed from demonic possession

I was down for some months and could not eat or sleep and was as well very weak, the sickness lasted for about six months and the treatments administered failed, but when the man of God prayed for me, I slept like a baby that night and saw two images standing before crying and I asked them why they cried; they told me that they have failed and when I woke up I regained myself. Now I can sleep and I am  very strong to the glory of God. Thank you man of God. This testimony is from Naomi Musa.

Naomi Musa
Kogi State, Nigeria

Relieved of fear and worries in troubled time
During COVID-19 between the months of May and June, when the pandemic was extremely serious, I received a call at 6am. I was told that my mother had been taken to the hospital by an ambulance. I was so confused; I called my sister, who my mother lives with, and she told me that she wasn’t allowed to accompany her to the hospital. She was taken to the hospital because her heart was beating extremely fast and she was struggling to breathe. I was extremely worries as this happened during the peak of the pandemic. At that time, only God could allow you to enter and leave a hospital without any issues. So my children and I started praying for my mother. Later that day I called my mother, she picked up the phone and told me that they had carried out several tests on her and found nothing wrong! They released her from the hospital that very same day. Glory be to God! We thank God for His mercy and His goodness towards my mother, because at that time she could have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Thank you!

Sia Belloh, London
My Mum, my sister and her son healed of COVID-19 by prayers

In the middle of June my mum called to tell me that my sister was sick. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that during one of my sister’s work shifts, at a care home, a client tried to run out of the building and she touched this client in order to bring her back to safety, however, this client was infected with COVID-19. That same week my sister felt sick and so did her son. So they went to get a test done for COVID-19 and they both tested positive. I was very worried as our old mum also lived with them and she has an underlying disease. My mother also began to feel some symptoms. My sister was knocked down very badly by this virus, she was unable to eat or to carry out basic tasks; her son was going through the same ordeal. My mum told me to call Pastor Chris so that he could pray for them, however, I told her that we could pray for ourselves and that God would hear us, as our Pastor is overloaded with other issues to deal with so I didn’t want to disturb him anymore; we made a prayer of faith. My children and I continuously interceded for them, asking God for healing. God heard our prayer and my sister and her son were healed of this virus! My old mother who I was worried about was the strongest in the house. They went and got tested for COVID-19 and they both tested negative! I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for healing my family and for His goodness towards my family. I give Him all the glory.

Thank you!

Sia Belloh,London
Pastor’s comment: Well done, true believer in Christ (Mark 16: 15-18)

Miracle of mother and child back to life in labor room
Labor signs lingered for three days with amiotic fluid dripping insistently on the third day she was admitted and induced this came with severe pains that lasted for six hours at this point cervical dilatation was still at 2cm which rendered her completely restless. At arrival of the senior gyneocologist he blamed doctors on ground for keeping her that long without booking her for surgery cause the baby at thuis point wasn’t breathing (No fitter heart) in summary. When the servant of God called and prayed she immediatetly felt that her spirit that left her body shortly before the prayer, was restored and the doctors checked again and discovered the baby’s breathe was restored. To the glory of God the surgery was a success. Jesus we thank you for this gracious gift of a baby girl.

This miracle took place on the 17th August, 2020.>

Oseni Ayegba
Kogi state, Nigeria

Serious abdominal bloating

For months I suffered serious abdominal bloating and I was ashamed to expose my stomach. I tried all recommended medications and approached some local establishments for a solution, but none of them worked. While I was in one of the local establishments still seeking a solution in December 2019, my auntie called from London asking about my welfare, I told her that I was not well but very ashamed to narrate the full problem to her. For some reason in May 2020 my auntie discovered that I was still not well through my siblings. She then called me and I narrated the full story because at this time all hope was lost for medical treatment. Then she told me that she will tell the husband (Pastor Chris) to pray for me and we arranged for time. On 31st May 2020 Pastor prayed for me over the phone. After few minutes of the prayer, I belched three times the way I never belched before that day, and suddenly my stomach got flattened and I regained the strength I lost for many months, all the health symptoms disappeared.
Glory to God and thanks to Jesus the Son of God Amen.

Johnson Akachukwu
Imo State, Nigeria

Healed from Diabetes and other symptoms

I was fine until I gave birth to my baby six weeks ago. After then I started feeling unwell with all kinds of symptoms. I couldn’t sleep with pains all over me. My eyes turn, my throat dries, I was diagnosed with diabetes; I couldn’t stand or move my legs. Then one Sunday 12th July 2020, I put on my TV and saw the Pastor preaching. As I listened to the Pastor preaching, I called his phone in London, then he prayed for me, then he said I should go and do test again. And I had a test booked for me already on Monday 13th July 2020. After the test I was told that all the tests showed that I have no diabetes anymore, and I was given the test results with no symptoms as everything troubling me stooped that night the pastor prayed for me. I slept very well like a baby that night he prayed for me. Today 14th July, I sent this testimony and the two test results to the Pastor via WhatsApp as proof of my testimony. Thank God for healing me.


Son healed / instant job through prayer

Good evening Sir and Ma. I’m here to share this testimony to the glory of God. Two weeks ago my Son Samuel was seriously sick, he woke up one morning with sore throat and weakness of the body that led to a serious body temperature for 3 days. During that time I called the servant of God on the 18th June 2020 and he prayed for Samuel. Earlier I contacted the hospital and they told us that the whole family should be isolated for 14 days. Then we became afraid. As the savant of God prayed for my son, the next day the sore throat and weakness of the body disappeared

Also my husband was out of Job for 3 months because of this lockdown. On the same that day the servant of God prayed for our son, he asked my husband if he had a job and my husband’s answer was, No! The servant of God said, how are you going to feed those children; then he prayed on the phone and declared that in the next seven days there will be a telephone call, to come back to work, The next day my husband received a telephone call from his company to resume work. . As of now, my husband has resumed his work – to God be all the glory. Thank you sir. God bless.

Sis Carol
Healed from CORONA virus

In this period of pandemic, my wife was infected by Covid-19. She was in a very serious state having frequent coughs, body aches, high temperatures and short breaths. We thank God, as the Holy Spirit led Pastor to phone to check on us as there was lockdown. He instantly realised that my wife was in a terrible state because the Pastor’s wife had told him earlier that I said my wife was sick, but not knowing how sickly she was. Then Pastor prayed for my wife. It could have been something else without the timely prayer as he was led by the Holy Spirit to check on us. We give glory to God as God healed my wife.

Ropson Lawele
Daughter healed of mysterious cough

My second testimony is about my little girl Ozioma Ariri. One early morning she woke up with serious coughing for almost 3 days constantly non-stop. I picked my phone and called the servant of God, who prayed for her on 14t March 2020 . Since then till now my Ozioma is completely healed to God be all the glory. Thank you sir. Many thanks and blessings. Greetings to all the virtuous women for GOGFAN Church.

Sis Carol
Barrenness gone forever

The 3rd testimony – When I came to GOGFAN Church, I had no child and the Lord visited me after 5 years of barrenness. He used His servant to pray for me, which was how the spirit of barrenness was broken. As I’m telling you now l am a mother of 3 boys and 2 girls In fact if l begin to say what God has done in my family through GOGFAN, there will not be enough space to contain the text. Thank you Jesus once again for your servant and his family, bless them and keep them for us. Morgan (my husband) and family are saying a big thank you to you and your family. We love you loads.

To God be all the glory for making me a mother. I pray for as many who are believing God for the fruit of the womb, may the good Lord who did it for me also do it for you. With God nothing is impossible – Matthew 19:26. This testimony was before we moved to outside London. By the grace of God we will visit you people soon. Bye and God bless you sir.

Sis Carol Ariri
Healed from health complications

Good evening Sir and Ma. My name is Caroline Ariri. I want to appreciate the grace of God upon your life. My testimony is about my heart condition. On the 26th June 2019, l went for a surgical operation that took away my life but by the special grace of God the LORD brought me back to life. Hallelujah, may His name be praised. Since then I started having pain in my heart, shortness of breath, including pain on my lungs. I decided to call the servant of God on the 10th of February 2020 and he prayed with me. As I’m talking to you now, on this day this 31st May 2020 that I am giving this testimony I have never experienced any pain on my chest and will never again in Jesus Name Amen. , I am completely healed. 2 Chronicles 20:20 – “Believe in His prophet, and you shall prosper”. I have always believed the calling of God in your life. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God.

Sis Carol