The peace of Salvation, Graduation and Job for my son, My daughter in God’s loving direction

I want to thank God for his grace and mercies upon my life and the lives of my family. God has given us the privilege to know him through his son Jesus. We are the redeemed of the Lord. My family and I have peace and we have been fortunate to work and do things together. This can only be by his grace and mercy.

Also, I want to thank them for what he has done for giving my son Ali, the opportunity to complete his degree course and get a Job as a water engineer. God guided him and gave him a good sense of direction. We were not in Portsmouth where he studied but God made provisions for him and guided him daily. I want to that God for his Mercies upon his life

I thank God for giving my daughter, Aaliyah, the blessing of sitting for her 11-plus exams, with a pass. God ordered her footsteps with a good sense of direction. I thank God for guiding her and protecting her

Margret Kpakra