Testimonies galore, Thank you, Jesus

After my successful interview for gainful employment, I was informed that the start date for my graduate job was being pushed back by up to two months from January 2023, as initially offered. I was frustrated with the prospect of spending yet another cold month or two, relaxing at home. Behind the scenes, God was working as my Mum prayed about the situation. I was then told towards the end of 2022 that a space opened up for the January start date. I was elated and felt relieved. I am currently in the job as I write this testimony. I also thank God for arranging my job to start later than I aimed to, whilst applying for opportunities; because I was able to use the time between my offer and my job start date, to visit Nigeria for the first time ever. I am grateful for that.

I hereby continue to appreciate the Lord for providing three scholarships during my time at the university. This helped my parents in easing the financial burden. I am grateful for achieving a 1st class grade at a top university for my subject.

Miraculous cash refunds also took place during my university years. Upon arriving at the accommodation that I booked for the 2020-21 academic year, I realized that the room allocated to me did not match that of the same type seen during my viewing of the site. I tried to claim a refund of my rent and deposit since the room’s features and conditions of the apartment were dissatisfactory. The agents had refused to refund the monies for some months. After a long back-and-forth with the company and steadfast prayer, they refunded all the money sent to them. That could only be God’s merciful intervention, glory to Jesus Amen

I also thank God for healing me at various times, in Jesus’ Name Amen