Son healed / instant job through prayer

Good evening Sir and Ma. I’m here to share this testimony to the glory of God. Two weeks ago my Son Samuel was seriously sick, he woke up one morning with sore throat and weakness of the body that led to a serious body temperature for 3 days. During that time I called the servant of God on the 18th June 2020 and he prayed for Samuel. Earlier I contacted the hospital and they told us that the whole family should be isolated for 14 days. Then we became afraid. As the savant of God prayed for my son, the next day the sore throat and weakness of the body disappeared

Also my husband was out of Job for 3 months because of this lockdown. On the same that day the servant of God prayed for our son, he asked my husband if he had a job and my husband’s answer was, No! The servant of God said, how are you going to feed those children; then he prayed on the phone and declared that in the next seven days there will be a telephone call, to come back to work, The next day my husband received a telephone call from his company to resume work. . As of now, my husband has resumed his work – to God be all the glory. Thank you sir. God bless.

Sis Carol