Serious abdominal bloating

For months I suffered serious abdominal bloating and I was ashamed to expose my stomach. I tried all recommended medications and approached some local establishments for a solution, but none of them worked. While I was in one of the local establishments still seeking a solution in December 2019, my auntie called from London asking about my welfare, I told her that I was not well but very ashamed to narrate the full problem to her. For some reason in May 2020 my auntie discovered that I was still not well through my siblings. She then called me and I narrated the full story because at this time all hope was lost for medical treatment. Then she told me that she will tell the husband (Pastor Chris) to pray for me and we arranged for time. On 31st May 2020 Pastor prayed for me over the phone. After few minutes of the prayer, I belched three times the way I never belched before that day, and suddenly my stomach got flattened and I regained the strength I lost for many months, all the health symptoms disappeared.
Glory to God and thanks to Jesus the Son of God Amen.

Johnson Akachukwu
Imo State, Nigeria