Separated from fear Peace from Christ Good sense of judgment as a believer

I have found peace in knowing Jesus. I thank God that I have been saved! Glory be to the Lord my God
I thank God for my salvation. No matter what circumstances I find myself as long as I know I am a redeemed of the Lord I fear no ever because the Lord is my Shepard

Every Morning when I drive to work, my daughter and I pray to God to send the Holy Spirit to guide us in our judgment and our footsteps. God has always honored our requests. I am a manifestation of that because when am torn between taught decisions God will always guide me in making the right ones. Glory be on to him for this favor
I want to that God for his mercies upon the lives of my children My son graduated and now working and my daughter graduated last year and she is working too. It is only by his mercies and grace upon their lives that this has happened