Relieved of fear and worries in troubled time

During COVID-19 between the months of May and June, when the pandemic was extremely serious, I received a call at 6am. I was told that my mother had been taken to the hospital by an ambulance. I was so confused; I called my sister, who my mother lives with, and she told me that she wasn’t allowed to accompany her to the hospital. She was taken to the hospital because her heart was beating extremely fast and she was struggling to breathe. I was extremely worries as this happened during the peak of the pandemic. At that time, only God could allow you to enter and leave a hospital without any issues. So my children and I started praying for my mother. Later that day I called my mother, she picked up the phone and told me that they had carried out several tests on her and found nothing wrong! They released her from the hospital that very same day. Glory be to God! We thank God for His mercy and His goodness towards my mother, because at that time she could have been diagnosed with COVID-19.


Thank you!

Sia Belloh