My Mum, my sister and her son healed of COVID-19 by prayers

In the middle of June my mum called to tell me that my sister was sick. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that during one of my sister’s work shifts, at a care home, a client tried to run out of the building and she touched this client in order to bring her back to safety, however, this client was infected with COVID-19. That same week my sister felt sick and so did her son. So they went to get a test done for COVID-19 and they both tested positive. I was very worried as our old mum also lived with them and she has an underlying disease. My mother also began to feel some symptoms. My sister was knocked down very badly by this virus, she was unable to eat or to carry out basic tasks; her son was going through the same ordeal. My mum told me to call Pastor Chris so that he could pray for them, however, I told her that we could pray for ourselves and that God would hear us, as our Pastor is overloaded with other issues to deal with so I didn’t want to disturb him anymore; we made a prayer of faith. My children and I continuously interceded for them, asking God for healing. God heard our prayer and my sister and her son were healed of this virus! My old mother who I was worried about was the strongest in the house. They went and got tested for COVID-19 and they both tested negative! I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for healing my family and for His goodness towards my family. I give Him all the glory.

Thank you!

Sia Belloh

Pastor’s comment: Well done, true believer in Christ (Mark 16: 15-18)