Jesus came and healed me

I give this testimony to appreciate God Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world, and the Blessed Holy Spirit for His loving kindness, and for His compassion, and mercy towards me.

In November 2020 l tested positive for Covid it was so severe but hearing that most Covid patients in hospital admission died,, l decided not to go to hospital.. I quarantined at home with my daughter and her doctor friends caring for me.

I had all the severe Covid symptoms of persistent coughing, breathing difficulties, bodily pain, loss of appetite and no sleep. The situation seemed hopeless and I eventually called in the paramedics and they suggested that I continued with home treatment and report any changes, objecting to going to hospital. I informed my church members and our Pastor and they backed me up with prayers in the Name of Jesus.

On that night at about 2300hrs the Pastor called to pray with me. Soon as he mentioned LORD JESUS, I didn’t hear his voice again. Instead l saw the Master Jesus Christ Himself standing in front of me. Then I said “Father Lord, I know this sickness is bringing me home but lam suffering please heal me“. He smiled and stretched His hands towards me. I realised it was a visit from the Lord. Simultaneously I did not see Him again but slept off. I woke up at 3AM and realised that I was completely healed. Jesus came in to heal me, Haleluyah and Glory to God. Amen. indeed Jesus saves, he heals. Thank You Lord