Heart ProbleAvim healed by Christ

In the year 2014, I was having a very serious heart problem that I could not walk from my house to the bus stop. Then my GP referred me to King’s College Hospital. I was operated upon and implanted a machine called Pacemaker. I was placed on regular Hospital appointments. I suffered this for good 7 years no head way .In October 2021 Pastor Chris came to my house and prayed for me. As he was praying, I was having the impact on my body immediately and I was shouting, I am healed, I am healed and he intensified his prayers and lead his hand on my chest and concluded his prayers, I was totally healed. The 3rd day was my Hospital appointment at Kings College Hospital for my test. When I got to the hospital that day, I was tested and they did not find anything wrong with my heart. They were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe or explain what they saw. They did a second test to be very sure the first one was correct and it was correct. But then instead of discharging me they gave me one year Hospital appointment. People have been praying for me before PASTOR CHRIS came in, but no healing took place. Pastor Chris bowed down his head to the floor of my room and worshiped and thanked God and His Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and gave all glory to God, then prayed.. What I am trying to say here is that the Bible made us to understand that can use anyone, but the prayers of a righteous man avails much. My health and energy is back. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Mr Mike
London, UK