Healed from Diabetes and other symptoms

I was fine until I gave birth to my baby six weeks ago. After then I started feeling unwell with all kinds of symptoms. I couldn’t sleep with pains all over me. My eyes turn, my throat dries, I was diagnosed with diabetes; I couldn’t stand or move my legs. Then one Sunday 12th July 2020, I put on my TV and saw the Pastor preaching. As I listened to the Pastor preaching, I called his phone in London, then he prayed for me, then he said I should go and do test again. And I had a test booked for me already on Monday 13th July 2020. After the test I was told that all the tests showed that I have no diabetes anymore, and I was given the test results with no symptoms as everything troubling me stooped that night the pastor prayed for me. I slept very well like a baby that night he prayed for me. Today 14th July, I sent this testimony and the two test results to the Pastor via WhatsApp as proof of my testimony. Thank God for healing me.