Healed completely, delivered from Demonic evil manipulation

I have a testimony. I thank God for my life and everything he has done for me; my right hand was hurting from my wrist down to my elbow and I could not move it at all. It was so painful that I could not work and I had to down on my work, but then the Pastor prayed for me and Jesus healed me.
Also for my second testimony; there was a revelation on Sunday service when the Pastor was praying for us, anyone who was sick or in pain in their bodies. The night before I had serious pain in the right side of my neck and upper shoulder. The revelation from the Pastor’s wife, Maa Pastor Uloma, said someone set an accident for “his or her enemy” (believers understand my phrase here). After prayers by the Pastor “back to sender” the Lord saved me and my son from being hit by a van. We did not see the van coming from anywhere and we also did not even hear the sound of any moving vehicle but the Lord saved us and the van stopped before anything could happen. We give all the glory to God because He has saved us (my son and I) from harm and delivered me from sickness. Thank you, Jesus, Anointing breaks every yoke. Psalm 121; Psalm 46; Psalm 91 is the portion of every genuine believer in Christ.