God provides and answers prayers

Some months ago, my parents began for the financial means to have me start my driving lessons We prayed to God to provide us with the finances and he answered our prayer. I was able to have driving lessons and when the time came for me to sit my practical driving exam; we prayed that I could pass this exam at my first attempt To God be the glory, I passed my exam in my first attempt, and now hold a driving license, I thank God for that.

I thank God for the Education he has given me. Throughout my time in school, I have always prayed to him for wisdom and understanding. God has continuously assured these prayers. He has given me top grades in all my exams. He has shown me favors in my academics and I thank him for that.

I have always prayed for God to provide for me and my family in every situation. God has assured this prayer every day. My family and I never lack any needs and we can always sleep peacefully