Delivered and healed from demonic possession

Good afternoon, Pastor Chris,

Praise God Pastor Chris! My name is Ethel Elouise. I am auntie Grace’s niece and you prayed for me.

My sickness started last year in February 2022. The visible outward symptoms and physical manifestations that I experienced included head shaking, being unable to think correctly, heaviness in my head, movement in my body, heaviness in my body, temperature changes, heat on my head, and loss of appetite.

After you prayed for me, I felt an instant change and confessed that God has made my head and body feel lighter and that He has healed me. The heat and heaviness in my head have completely gone. I sleep well and my head does not shake as much. I am also able to eat and think normally as God has created me too! God has healed me and delivered me from demonic attacks and sickness.

You asked if I want to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, and I said yes. You prayed in the Name of Jesus and asked the Lord to baptize me with the Holy Ghost. Instantly as you said “open your heart and receive it now in Jesus’ Name”, I was baptized right there, the same day with the Holy Ghost, and I began to speak non-stop in the new tongue. While I was praying in tongues, I felt God’s presence and it was a beautiful experience.

I thank God for every single thing that He has done for me and my family, that He is doing and that He will do and I thank you Pastor Chris, and your family. Amen.

God bless you Pastor Chris for your anointing and for your prayers.

Ethel Elouise