Local community

June yearly 2–Day weekend GOGFAN Inclusiveness ingathering outreach for local communities and neighbours and friends: The program involves activities including faith building and prayers for healing, and; more important presenting the love of God in Christ Jesus to all participants. There are times of joyful praise and worship and prayers.

The audience is given the opportunity to listen to an exhortation faith-building sermon for prayers of healing Participants listen to the sermon with captivating attention There are times for refreshments

Participants from all works of life and different racial backgrounds do attend this GOGFAN yearly event including Vietnamese, West Indians, Africans, and Europeans in attendance.

There is usually a time for refreshments and social networking among participants; and getting to know each other; an atmosphere of sincere brotherly love and care. There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven
Participants are usually blessed spiritually, and physically in an atmosphere of God’s presence. All refreshments provided by voluntary contributions of GOGFAN members

GOGFAN Community Health and well-being outreach

Diabetes Educator explains skip diabetes contents

Measuring Weight, Height and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Measuring Weight, Height and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Carrying out blood glucose test

Carrying out blood pressure checks

Giving out information booklet and other resources