Get Involved

Christianity and Church, membership as detailed in the bible implied that all within and outside a local assembly worked together in unity with one goal in mind; to bring unbelievers into Christ for their own good; and also,for the numerical increase of souls in glory. Every Christ-centred believer would like to be part of this great privilege to save thelost. It is vital to know everyone who belongs to a local church, as a family of God

Why would you join a good church such as GOGFAN?

  • The Holy presence of God is manifest at all times with signs and wonders, healings, and restoration; that is what the world needs.
  • You will enjoy true joyful worship of the One True God John 17: 3 like never bin yourentire life.
  • As a good Church, with its foundation on the principles and doctrines of Christ, GOGFAN Church will help your spiritual development and growth through good teachings of the word of life (bible)
  • The Church leadership is available to members and their families and friends 24 hrs a day.
  • As long as you are a genuine member, you worship with us regularly, and take part in all scheduled Church activities and programs, members’ welfare and care are paramount with the Leadership, without partiality
  • The church helps you to explore ways to use your God-given talents, skills, and abilities to serve God and be fulfilled.
  • The church will always pray to God for you and your families both those in and outside membership; we are an all-inclusive ministry because Christ our Master cares for all within as well as outside
  • We are a community and no one is left out in life, work, and in witness of what they believe. This makes our Christianity different, joyful, and thriving – the very essence of Faith in Christ,
  • We promise you only what Jesus can do for you and encourage you to live for Him 2 Corr. 5: 15; 2 Corinthians 1: 20; John 15: 5; Romans 8: 32

Would Ibe allowed to getinvolved in church as a member of GOGFAN?

Yes, you can, that is our expectation until Jesus returns. The church needs men, women, youth, children, the elderly, andfamilies. His Kingdom is searching for more workers on earth for His Vineyard. You can also convert from any religion to join the Christian faith and become a member of the GOGFAN Church family.

You can voluntarily use your God-given talents, abilities, and skills to offer numerous beneficial required services.

  • Witness to someone the Love of Chris, the good news Share what you have)
  • Give a person one gospel tract.
  • Help plan Crusade activities plant a mission
  • The watchman– Intercessors for church activities
  • Help with Media, Information printing, and publicity
  • Do Procurements, job advocacy
  • Donate a BIBLE (Word of Life) to a New Convert
  • Support the “Gospel of Jesus” GOGFAN TV Broadcast, and donate to reach the unreached
  • Answer calls, on the prayer line
  • Orderliness, control, and children’s discipline
  • Protocol and transportation, ushering, and visitors care
  • Outreaches – hospital visitations, elderly assistance,
  • Care for the widow, needy, poor, child poverty,
  • Help refugees, the homeless, prisons etc