GOGFAN Pakistan

The development of the GOGFAN Pakistan branches was orchestration by the Holy Spirit with a request for Bibles made through a telephone call, by Pastor AdeelAslam from Pakistan in 2010; shortly after the ministry was inaugurated on March 27th, 2010. Fifty Bibles were given to him. Not many of them were born again but mostly religious families and individuals here and there at the time.

Subsequently in 2011, while praying with my wife the Lord instructed Evangelist Chris to gather His flock that had no shepherd in Jahanian (Khanewal region), With Bibles in their hands, Pastor Chris Ekechi embarked on teaching via the Internet and supplied all office administrative needs – telephone, computer, and printers that helped translate English to Urdu. A leader was appointed through prayers and commendation – Brother Shakeel Sardar – now ordained by Evang. Chris Ekechi.With an initial 35 members,a formal letter of approval to start a branch of GOGFAN in Jahanianwas coordinated with the assistance of Pastor Adeel; and GOGfANJahanian was inaugurated in 2011 by prayer through phone. This was followed by the purchase of motorcycles for the branch Pastors and a steady numerical and spiritual expansion was ensured.

Master Jesus instructed Evangelist Chris Ekechi the second time to go and teach the first 2011 GOGFAN Jahanian branch believers how to do ministry work in holiness. Pastor Chris seized the long-sought-for opportunity to arrange with Pastor Adeel; and opted to organize a crusade.So, in 2012 he phoned the MOG who requested Bibles about the possibility of coming to Pakistan through him; he was glad for my request and threw an invitation to me.

The news of a Man of God who sent Holy Bibles to physically and spiritually hungry deprived souls spread all through the region where no MOG had been for ten years according to the information received at the time. With this background news, the Holy Spirit prepared the ground for the upcoming Souls HarvestCrusadeof 2013, which yielded roughly 3000 souls in the three-day mission. Disillusion, suffering, and victimization of Christians in Pakistan led to a genuine spiritual hunger for a “Moses” to be sent by God

Unbelievers, nominal Christians, and some Muslims secretly seeking the truth came from all over (Please see Archive videos on the Archive page of the GOGFAN website); some wanted to see “this man” who came to this remote region of Pakistan; but we know that I went there only by the power of the Holy Ghost, and by faith in Christ power to secure His own; as the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and they that dwelt therein.” Psalm 24: 1.

The Holy Spirit broke the barrier against VISA approval by the Pakistan Embassy in the UK; for nine months from the date of application. Accordingly, it became the first-ever such gathering of a Christian event in that Region of Khanewal, Pakistan for over ten years due to incessant instability. Through prayers, and following the outpouring of the riches of His grace that spread across the region after the 2013 crusade; GOGFAN Home Cells sprang in almost all the villages, as miracles, deliverances, and healings of all kinds confirmed the gospel crusade of our Lord Jesus Christ, to His glory alone; a crusade attended by about ten thousand people on the final day

Towards the end of 2013, the growth of members multiplied. With no permanent building to accommodate the growth and bring in all afar into the flock, a separation was made; with one Pastor taking care of the villages’ Home Cells while the other takes care of the major gathering in a house church – GOGFAN Jahanianand Jahanian 2 branches.

Working in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the multiplication resulted in other two branches GOGFAN Khuram Purawith Pastor Asif and GOGFAN Jhelum, near the capital Islamabad, with Pastor Waqar

As observed by Evang. Chris Ekechi ‘s (Host Servant) second trip by the Lord’s instruction to ordain the pastors and strengthen the branches. The majority of them – all the branch Home Cell members have now developed spiritually enough, and all are happily born again, baptized by water immersion and with the Holy Spirit and pursuing holiness as required of believers. Pastor Rashid was among the leaders ordained. Glory to God who loved us with everlasting love and has drawn us to Himself with His loving-kindness Jeremiah 31: 3.