GOGFAN Jahanian

Thanks to Bible Donor partners: especially Pastor Anthony and Pastor (Mrs) EbeleUzoka and Mustard Seed ministry that are regularly helping us to give the Word Of Life {Holy Bibles} to our New born again in Christ, in Pakistan via GOGFAN Ministries.

Pastor Shakeel Sardar& Wife Puwar
GOGFAN Jahanian

  • Established after the request for bibles via telephone calls from Pastor Adeel and GoGfANJahanian was inaugurated 2011.
  • Through prayer the Lord instructed Pastor Chris to gather His flock that had no shepherd in Jahanian (Khanewal region)
  • To go and teach the first branch how to do ministry work in holiness
  • None was born again; mostly religious at the time.
  • Pastor embarked on teaching via internet and supplied all office administrative need – telephone, computer and printers
  • That helped to translate English to Urdu language
  • A leader was appointed through prayers and commendation – Pastor ShakeelSardar – now ordained by Pastor Chris Ekechi.
  • With initial 35 members, the expansion numerically and spiritually has been great.
  • The almost 3000 souls that gave their heart to Jesus was evidence of their spiritual state at the time
  • Glory to Jesus alone, Lord of Harvest