Mission :
Our Mission is to depopulate hell by all positive means in the Name of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost; to bring the glorious light of the Good News of Jesus Christ to peoples and nations yet sitting in darkness and shadow of death according to the scriptures. We eagerly stand to present only the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever the Master Jesus sent us; and to minister healing freely in the Name of Jesus to everyone in need of healing Matthew 10: 8.

The Mandate :
The Lord Jesus’ instruction the His Servant: “I have called you to take my gospel to the Nations and my healing Power to the Nations, Thus saith the Lord”

The first harvest of souls by Evangelist Chris Ekechi (Host Servant / Founder) GOGFAN Ministries, was in Pakistan, three years after the official inauguration of the Ministry in March 2010.
This harvest became the catalyst for the establishment of branches in different regions of the country of Pakistan. Four years after (2017) the Lord sent His Servant to ordain men who had been schooled through the true Doctrines of Christ by Evangelist Chris Ekechi, into fulltime Pastors to feed the branches. The church in Pakistan has grown spiritually, physically and materially. We give all the glory to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, the Son of the Living God.